There’s A Fatal Bug In The Money Matrix. Wake Up, It’s Time To Glitch.

The times we live in

Thanks to crypto, banks are slowly losing their monopoly on money and the flow of capital. Soon. every individual, right up to the multinational corporation will assume full fiduciary control of his own finances. The bedrock of this exciting future are the various protocol layer blockchain platforms upon which this new economy will operate. Today presents a unique opportunity in history to invest in this layer.

To date, no single blockchain Platform has fulfilled all requisites to foster a sustainable, global decentralised economy. Each chain offers various solutions but also presents various challenges and limitations. Ethereum’s scaling, EOS’ consensus collusion, Holochain’s interoperability… Furthermore, each chain is designed to be a jack of all but master of none.

The Protocol We Need.

What if there was a dedicated protocol, custom built for decentralised financial activities from trade, exchange, banking and transacting. No Bloat, no additional features, no congestion from non productive applications and… Better still, what if that protocol was blockchain agnostic, enabling seamless cross-chain interoperability and a standardised user experience?

GLITCH is the World’s first custom built DeFi centric smart contract platform, purpose built to exclusively facilitate a vibrant, globally accessible money market. Eliminating the need for KYC, both trust and permission and the bloat and expensive fee structure of other blockchain platforms, GLITCH seeks to become a global financial rail.

See you on the other side, Glitchers.